The shuttering is precranked by a patented method which provides extreme rigidity. The cover length is 1000 mm and the finish is galvanized.

End cover Plate

The end cover plate forms a mould side for the primary beams and is prestiffened to resist pressure from concrete.

Reinforcement beam

The reinforcement beam consist of bars and shear reinforcement. The reinforcement is welded to a rigid profiled bottom tray. The bar at the top also works as a spacer for the floor slab mesh. Bottom tray without reinforcement can be supplied on request.

Technical data.

Design: In accordance with building regulations.
Spans: 7-18 meter
Depth: 150-700 mm
Width: 600-1500 mm, Standard: 1200 mm.
Cover length: 1000 mm
Propping: 1200 mm ctrs maximum

Shuttering: Galvanized steel
End cover plate: Galvanized steel
Bottom tray: Galvanized steel
Reinforcement: Standard.

Fire resistance: Standard = A60, A90 and A120 can be achived depending on detailing.

Acoustics: Sound insulations is better than other conventional systems with comparable weight.